A Celebration of Imagination, Sense, Perception in

the maya deren theatre @ anthology film archives

$10 donation @ the door

Hello, Goodbye (uSA R.T. 7:30) Dir. Jerry Sangiuliano

Hundreds of Heads..Hundreds of languages merge in universal communication.

Night Spirits (uSA R.T. 9:32) Dir. James knight

Nature vs. Dark Imaginings.At night we are influenced by the spirits outside & the spirits inside.

Nobody loves fat g  (uSA 10:05) Dir. Molly Kellogg

G, the icognito witch travels  a path of terror seeking happiness, acceptance & love

other wounds (usa 8:23) Dir. Richard Bailey

3 secular homilies on the wonder of childhood perceptions,the strange landscape of life everlasting, & the violence of being human.

the sleep of reason (usa 13:12) Dir. Tim Halo

The “old Hag”, the succubus paralyzes the sleeper.the hermit’s lantern illuminates the world of the shadow people.

shy stripes (usa 3:00) Dir. heejin jang

the visual aesthetics of analog tv broadcast are investigated by means of digital glitch, a very different media culture surrounds the artist.

pillow girl (usa 8:00) dir. ronnie cramer

Originally a “sound-art” work ,audio files are remixed with visual illustrations, morphing every 2 seconds.

normal (usa 5;07) dir. adrienne durazo

A character study  of young woman attempting to understand her own moral compass...should she have applied for that laboratory position?

Magik sity symphonie:prelude (usa 14:00) dir. stephen pamigoni

an introduction to the haunted  & magikal world induced through a distinctly american fever dream.

some  entropy in your tea (u.K. 8:15) Dir. alex anikina

a lonely mind in an empty world. will memory of the past trigger madness in the future?

a brief intermission

invocations- 1 (india 4:38) Dir. seema kohil

the artist experiences the sacred shakta site & performs at the 64 yogini temple at ranipur gharial, odisha.

bye-bye star-fizz (belgium 13:00) dir. charline branger

alice trips in(to) an urban wonderland. let the delirium carry you away.

threads (usa 14:00) dir. andrew barrera

an inside man convinces his friends to rob the mob. a clean getaway turns to chaos; weaving a thread of chain reactions no-one could have imagined.

without words (usa 4:00) dir. oliver defilippo

a deeply intimate,yet wordless confession.

luis:hypnotic messenger (usa  7:40) dir.carole ricciardelli

chupa want your silver,chupa want your gold, chupa with the youngsta’..chupa with the old......

harry smith of the guide:field recordings and a location

(usa 7 :00) dir. kaveh askari

archival plat maps,drawings,& sound help to locate the origins of the visionary experimentalist’s field recordings along the puget sound.

why stop painting? (U.K. 15:00) Dir. Brian herczog

video art installation of a theatrical performance,where the audience comes to realize they are  a “vital Player’ in the exhibition.

Three poems (australia 12:47) jake houston harris

pride,arrogance,stubborness,weakness...negative aspects of the australian psyche bore their way to the surface.

separation sonnet (usa 8:00) Dir. andressa furletti

the nature of relationship revealed through movement. inspired by the sonnet of brazilian poet,playwright & composer Vincius de Moraes

end,end,end (usa 8:46) Dir. Jonathan rattner

a cinematic essay about the death of a loved one, the inability to make a good cup of coffee and the desire to remember.

la  Jealousie (france 3:00) Dir. christopher au-young

an interpretation  of henri salvador’s poem..a young couple is visited by 2 strangers, the husband begins to suspect the wife is having an affair.

sinecdoque (spain 15:00) dir. ignacio f. rodo

life,love, joy & sorrow depicted on polaroid film, through the impossible project.

how i lost my wings (serbia 15:00) dir. ivan tasic

if you’ve taken my wings, then free me...how can i fly?

Orion Beach (usa 5:09) Dir. campbell logan

“come on a safari with me...”  A Visually Stunning Masterwork

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