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  1. •magikalcharm experimental video fest - feb, 2018

  2. magikalcharm experimental video fest is accepting submissions now!!!

  3. featurettes will be “shorts” with a running time of 15 min. or less.It’s understood that the thematic content will be in accord with ideas expressed in our mission statement.

  4. *mission & Objective:Magikalcharm is a 501(c)(3)educational organization. Our intention is to provide a medium for the imaginative, strangely beautiful expression of personal experience(s), truth(s) and transformation. Themes will emphasize the mystical, mysterious,  “magikally alchemical” nature of performance, music, poetry, and visual composition.

  5. *****Pending award

  6. of the lower manhattan cultural council’s creative engagement grant...  artists’ works being screened at the fest. will be eligible for $$$$$$  awards!!!!

  7. *general Rules: please submit;

  8. one dvd ntsc clearly labeled with entry # running time,email & contact name.A brief synopsis:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  9. payment for non on line submissions,please send check or money order made out to:magikalcharm

  10. mail entries to:

  11.     Magikalcharm experimental video fest

  12.     365 W.28th st. # 18j

  13.     nyc,ny 10001

  14. all shipping costs paid by shipper.

  15.     email confirmation sent to submissions.

  16.     submission materials will not be returned.

  17. awards will be distributed at the discretion of festival organizers

  18. eligibility requirements:

  19.     submission dvd,submission form and fee by

  20.     deadline.

  21.     all must be in english or subtitled.

  22. screening requirements:

  23.      dvd,bluray

  24. *** deadlines & fees:***Please  note that deadline dates will be slightly modified to correspond with the actual date of the 2017 fest....

  25. •early-11/30/2017          Regular $40.00. WAB- Discounted $35.00

  26. •standard-12/21/2017   Regular $45.00. WAB - Discounted $40.00

  27. •late-1/18/2018               Regular $50.00. WAb - Discounted $45.00

  28. Wab (without a box) extended deadline

  29.    2/9/2017                        Regular $65.00. WAb- Discounted $50.00

  30. ***Screening site: anthology film archives,nyc

  31. terms and conditions:

  32. the undersigned grants magikalcharm the right to use any film or video submitted for exhibition, for promotional purpose.

  33. The individual or organization submitting the film/video hereby warrants  that it is authorized to commit the work for screening.

  34. The undersigned shall indemnify & hold harmless the mc film & video fest against any and all claims,liabilities , losses, damages and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright,credits, screening,& loss and damage to screening materials.

  35. I/We have read ,understand, and agree

  36. to, and will abide by all the terms and

  37. conditions listed above.

  38.   signed:___________________________________

  39.   Print name:_____________________________

  40.   date:_____________________________________