"It's Strangely Beautiful..Beautifully Strange"

The Magikalcharm Experiment: with each festival Magikalcharm attempts to create a “Strangely Beautiful Ornament”, a Mandala composed of Artistic Vision,Poetic Expression,Visual Composition,MagikSymbolism..portraying Deep Psychologikal Stages of Transformation into New Dimensions of Understanding, Self Knowledge,& Synchronistic Sharing…

We Wish to encourage the Poet, the Musician, the Experimentalist, the Imagist, to share their Experience, their Unique Personal Language…Let us create , together, the Spring of 2021 MC Experimental video festival….the fest will be held at N.Y.C.’s Crosby Street Hotel on April 8th, 2021.

MagikalCharm Experimental Video and Film Fest

avant garde/experimental
featurettes. rt 2-15 minutes
transformative, visionary, insightful, universal
the strangely beautiful
April 8th, 2021

The Crosby St Hotel

79 Crosby St, NYC

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